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Importance of Spotify Podcast Plays

Perhaps the best-known player in the Spotify Podcast streaming game. Spotify changed the music and podcast industry when it finally picked up steam in 2006, and it hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, Spotify user numbers continue to climb at a rate that is also increasing. Spotify has more than 170.000.000 (170 million users), and half of those are paying for premium subscription. As an podcaster you should know the importance of ‘Spotify Premium Users’, when a premium user is listning to your podcast you will profit even more per stream.

Advantages of Buying Podcast Plays

Below we have gathered some of the benefits of buying spotify podcast plays.

  • You’ll look instantly more successful. By buying podcast plays you’ll have a music better reputation.
  • Your podcast profile will become more popular in the way that you show up in the search ranks.
  • Your targeted shows will rank better in Spotify, witch means that algorithmic ads will have your podcast in mind.

Safety of buying podcast plays

Your safety is important to us. We don’t want you to get banned, that’s why our team gives your podcast real plays/streams from real premium accounts. Your plays will be evenly distributed throughout the day to maintain a steady growth, increasing your visibility and popularity. Be aware other suppliers may use bad quality and result in bans or blocks.

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