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If you’ve been using our platform for a while, you should know about all the benefits that it gives to your Spotify account if you get more targeted plays consistance your organic reach will be broader.  Therefore, high numbers matter and can bring you some profit and increase your visibility on the platform. But it’s also important that high numbers isn’t just bots!

MadePromotion offers the option to buy targeted Spotify editorial plays for an affordable price, allowing you to take full advantage of the platform’s algorithm and make your start making your music heard by more people. Here are some of the advantages that come with purchasing more Spotify plays from us:

Get More Organic Plays

As mentioned, Spotify tends to favor songs or profiles that already have a relatively high number of plays on the platform. Thus, purchasing Spotify plays can get you more organic plays in the long term, allowing you to get attention from your target group and non-targeted audience.

More organic Spotify plays mean that your account will become more visible on the Spotify platform. It’ll be possible for you to be featured on different playlists and appear on radios and many other places within a person’s library. Even a small package of Spotify streams can do wonders for your music.

Reach your Songs/Music to a Broader Audience

Generally speaking, more Spotify streams can make your work more visible on the platform. If you want to get more Spotify followers organically, MadePromotion can help. You can buy a particular number of plays with one of our packages and start acquiring more organic audiences. Spotify tends to recommend songs with a high number of plays to people within a particular genre or even at random. Thus, more plays mean that you have more likeliness to show up on other people’s playlists whenever they’re listening to a certain song. You may also increase the probability of your songs appearing in Spotify’s automatic playlists, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Save Your Money and Time

As marketing experts, we understand that being in the music industry as an independent artist can be quite complicated and isolating. You’re already investing time and money in your music, so it gets complicated to contribute to your work’s marketing. It’s too much to handle. Instead of spending thousands on marketing strategies to reach more people, you can easily promote your music by buying Spotify plays. You will be able to reach your target audience in little time and will save a ton of money and time you can invest in improving your music skills.

Earn Royalties

You can increase your profit by buying one of the packages that MadePromotion has available for you. As we’ve mentioned, what makes Spotify plays so important is that you can monetize them. It’s not all about visibility. Spotify artists can get money by having more plays. Premium plays have more weight on this program, allowing you to monetize your content and earn royalties throughout the time. Thus, if you buy Spotify plays, you can increase your popularity and earnings.

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