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Spotify Ad Plays

From $3.95

Spotify Country Plays

From $5.90
Get the most out of Spotify algorithm and push your music to right audience. You can choose between serval contries that your promotion should run in; Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Unites States.

Spotify Editorial Playlist Plays

From $29.90
Get plays from your preferred editorial playlists. You can choose what specific playlist you want to be played from and we will make sure it happens. Kindly note, that this is not a placement, but you will be played from the Playslists radio. This means that you will still see on your Artist Profile that you was 'Discovered on' you preferred editorial playlist.

Spotify Followers

From $3.90
Choose how many followers and add artist url.

Spotify Monthly Listeners

From $6.90
Choose how many listeners and add your artist url.

Spotify Monthly Listeners

From $8.90
USA targeting currently not available.

Spotify Playlist Followers

From $3.90
Choose the amount of playlist followers you would like to purchase.

Spotify Playlist Plays

From $17.90
Choose how many playlist plays and add playlist url

Spotify Podcast Plays

From $8.90
Choose how many plays and add episode url.