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Did you know that Spotify has more than 517 million users and more than 100,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify each day. Therefore you need a Spotify marketing specialist to reach the right audience without burning to much on bad decisions. Let MadePromotion handle your next campaign – starting from $3.90.

The difference between MadePromotion and other promotion agencies out there is our massive pixel collection. MadePromotion has more than 20.000.000 pixels – segmented in different genres, click-through-rates, ages, countries etc.

What is a retargeting pixel?

A retargeting pixel is a way to remind potential listeners about your music and catalog after they have listened to similar music. The pixel identifies people who have listened to other music in your genre before. Think of it as a stamp in someone’s digital passport that shows they love the type of music you are creating. 

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Spotify Promotion & Buying Spotify Plays

  • Looking more succesful. It not only gives you a great look and reputation, it also improves the change that your tracks show up in search ranks or computer generated playlists that will increase your popularity even further!
  • Reach your desired fanbase. Spotify promotion helps you to gain more new listeners to your music, who can start following you and become your fans.
  • You are directly increasing the popularity of your music and you as an artist, because tracks are ranked on Spotify by the total number of plays and recent frequency of plays.
  • You can stay focused on making music. You’ll have more time to produce a professional song and spending less time promoting your music.
  • You improve your royalty rates by the amount of plays you buy. And you will boost your sale, by reaching more people.
    Your track will be found much better. You get more visible as soon as a song has many Spotify Plays.

Perhaps the best-known player in the music streaming game. Spotify changed the music industry when it finally picked up steam in 2006, and it hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, Spotify user numbers continue to climb at a rate that is also increasing. Spotify has more than 170.000.000 (170 million users), and half of those are paying for premium subscription. As an artist you should know the importance of ‘Spotify Premium Users’, when a premium user is listening to your music you will profit even more per stream.

Below we have gathered some of the benefits of buying spotify plays.

  • You’ll look instantly more successful. By buying Spotify streams you’ll have a music better reputation.
  • Your music and artist profile will become more popular in the way that you show up in the search ranks.
  • Your targeted tracks will rank better in Spotify, witch means that algorithmic playlists will have your music in mind.

Your safety is important to us. We don’t want you to get banned, that’s why our team gives your song real plays/streams from real accounts.

The average time that the audience stream your song 2 minutes! Your plays will be evenly distributed throughout the day to maintain a steady growth, increasing your visibility and popularity. Be aware other suppliers may use bad quality and result in bans or blocks.

Benefits of buying Spotify plays

  • Increased Visibility: Buying Spotify plays can help increase your song’s visibility and improve its chances of being discovered by other users. When a song has a higher number of plays, it may appear more prominently in Spotify’s algorithmic playlists and recommendations, which can help attract more listeners and followers.
  • Social Proof: A high number of Spotify plays can provide social proof that your music is popular and worth listening to, which can help attract more organic plays and followers.
  • Marketing Strategy: Buying Spotify plays can be part of a larger marketing strategy to increase your online presence and gain more exposure for your music.